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BBC News style guide


Guardian & Observer style guide


Telegraph style book


Economist style guide


Wikipedia manual of style


Useful reading




Accidence Will Happen: the Non-Pedantic Guide to English Usage by O Kamm

Troublesome Words by B Bryson

Eats, Shoots & Leaves by L Truss

Usage & Abusage: a Guide to Good English by E Partridge

Mind the Gaffe by R L Trask

The Penguin Guide to Punctuation by R L Trask




Writers' & Artists' Yearbook

Children's Writers' & Artists' Yearbook

Writing to be Published by N Morgan

On Writing by S King

Revision & Self-Editing by J S Bell

Plot & Structure by J S Bell

The Writer's Journey by C Vogler

Novel Metamorphosis by D Pattison

Outlining Your Novel by K M Weiland

Structuring Your Novel by K M Weiland

Structuring Your Novel Workbook by K M Weiland

Into the Woods by J Yorke

20 Master Plots by R B Tobias

45 Master Characters by V L Schmidt

Writing 21st Century Fiction by D Maass

Writing the Breakout Novel by D Maass

Solutions for Novelists by S Stein

The Art of Writing by R L Stevenson

Roget's Thesaurus




Story: Substance, Structure & Style by R McKee

Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting by R Field

Writing Screenplays That Sell by M Hauge

Save the Cat by B Snyder


Writing Poetry:


The Penguin Rhyming Dictionary

Writing Poetry by J Whitworth

The Ode Less Travelled by S Fry

Useful listening 


Fry's English Delight CD box set by S Fry